Dormer HSS BS1 to BS5, 5 piece Double Ended Centre Drill Set

  • RS庫存編號 694-481
  • 製造零件編號 A296
  • 製造商 Dormer

HSS BS Centre Drill Set In Plastic Case (A296)

Set Of 5 HSS A225 British Standard Centre drills for general machining applications up to x1 diameter.

Features and Benefits:

Contains BS1, BS2, BS3, BS4 & BS5 drills
For drilling components which require machining between centres
60° countersink angle and 120° point angle
Manufactured to BS328 standards
Supplied in a plastic pocket case

Approvals and Certification:

• BS328: Part 2:1986
• DIN333A
• ISO866
• ISO2540
• ISO2541

Typical Applications:

A good selection of all types of drill bits guarantees the job done quickly and easily. Using the right bits type to drill into a variety of materials ensures safety and reduces the drilling time.

Whether drilling wood, masonry, acrylic, metal or any number of other materials, having the drill bit for the job will give you the ability to drill with confidence and accuracy. Some drill bit sets will offer a mix of bit type to cover all types of jobs from wood and metal through to masonry, with some also including more specific bit types such as flat wood drill bit or countersinks. Drill Bit Sets are used by professional electricians, builders, plumbers, roof installers, etc. and DIY enthusiasts.


What is HSS?
An acronym for High-speed steel, HSS is generally the go-to type of steel needed for drill bits due to their excellent heat resistance at high speeds. As a standard drill can spin upwards of around 500 - 700rpm, the friction can cause a substantial build-up of heat. Something which would not be wanted when working with wood and plastic.

What sizes are included in the set?
The set includes 5 drill bits:
• A225BS1 / Size: BS1 / Length: 1 1/2"
• A225BS2 / Size: BS2 / Length: 1 3/4"
• A225BS3 / Size: BS3 / Length: 2"
• A225BS4 / Size: BS4 / Length: 2 1/4"
• A225BS5 / Size: BS5 / Length: 2 1/2"

Can these drill bits drill into metal?
Yes, these drill bits are suitable for most drilling applications including drilling in metal.

What does jobber mean?
The word jobber specifies the length of the drill bit. This generally means the length of the entire drill bit itself is significantly longer for diameter it has. As an example, a mechanic drill bit will have a much shorter flute and therefore have a much smaller overall length.

Is this set suitable for domestic use?
Yes - this is a great multi-purpose drill bit set for domestic use, however, better performance can be achieved in a professional application.

Dormer & RS

High speed steel, right-hand cutting centre drills
Combined drills and countersinks
Double ended
60° Countersink angle
Manufactured to BS328

Attribute Value
Set Type Double Ended Centre Drill Set
Minimum Size BS1
Maximum Size BS5
Drilling Application Multi-Material
Material HSS
Number of Pieces 5
Set Contents HSS Drill Bits
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