Bosch HSS 1mm to 32mm, 100 piece X-Line Mixed Drill Set

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  • 製造商 Bosch
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Bosch X-Line 100 Piece Titanium HSS-TiN Metal Drill Bits Set with Case

The Bosch HSS metal drill bit set consists of 100 drill bits and tools in a compact case tool organiser. This an amazing set of equipment that provides you with the tools for almost any task and application. The drill bits cover the sizes from 1 mm to 32 mm and are all arranged incremental size within the safe and secure tool organiser case. The drill bits are not suitable for drilling aluminium, but the titanium bits are suitable for all other applications from wood to various metals and hard plastics. This kit is suitable for use with all power tools and provides you with high strength titanium bits with a long-life cycle.

Features and Benefits

• 100 Piece Titanium HSS-TiN Metal drill bit set.
• Plastic storage case with content layout (display window built-in and printed card).
• Bits made from high speed steel (coated with titanium and carbide).
• Long life cycle.
• Suitable for all power tools.
• Allows precise, fast, clean drilling.
• For use in multiple applications (wood, stone, metal, hard plastic).
• We recommend the use of a coolant when drilling.

Typical Applications

• Wood.
• Iron.
• Steel.
• Non-ferrous metals.
• Grey cast iron.
• Stone.
• Hard plastics.

What is included?

• Storage case (340 x 369 x 70 mm) (weight 2.73 kg).
• HSS-TiN metal drill bits, titanium nitride coated.
• Carbide tipped masonry drill bits.
• Standard wood drill bits.
• Titanium nitride coated spade bits,
• Hole saws.
• 40 Screwdriver bits (Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx, Hex, Slotted Heads)
• 8 Nutsetters for screwdriving applications.

Complete Contents of the X-Line Set

• 8 HSS-TiN metal drill bits.
• 7 Masonry drill bits 1 to 10 mm.
• 7 wood drill bits 3 to 8 mm.
• 3 Spade bits 3 to 10 mm.
• 4 Depth stop bits 16, 22, 32 mm.
• 40 screwdriver bits.
• 8 Nutsetters 5 to 13 mm.
• 4 HCS Hole saws 32, 38, 45, 54 mm.
• 1 Hand screwdriver (ratchet function).
• 1 Torch.
• 1 Countersink.
• 1 Spirit level.
• 1 Allen key.
• 1 Adapter for nutsetters.
• 1 Adapter for hole saws.
• 1 Universal holder (magnetic).

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What does HSS mean?

High speed drill bits. They are also known as “twist drill bits”.

Are the drill bits available individually?

Yes, Bosch have a wide range of individual drill bits available.
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Can these drill bits drill into metal?

Yes, HSS drill bits can drill into metal such as iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, grey cast iron, wood, stone plus hard plastics.

Safety Advice

• Never use a drill bit that exceeds the drilling capacities of the drill you are using.
• Always wear safety goggles and appropriate clothing, dust masks, hearing protection and work gloves.
• We recommend the use of a coolant when drilling.

Attribute Value
Set Type X-Line Mixed Drill Set
Minimum Size 1mm
Maximum Size 32mm
Material HSS
Number of Pieces 100
Set Contents HSS Drill Bits; Masonry Drill Bits; Wood Bits; Flat Wood Bits; Phillips Driver Bits; Pozi Driver Bits; Slotted Driver Bits; Hex Driver Bits; Torx Driver Bits; Hex Sockets; Depth Stops; Hole Saws; Diameter Gauge; Torch; Spirit Level; Ratchet Screwdriver; Countersink; Allen Key; Magnetic Universal Bit Holder; Socket Adapter
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