Dremel Drill Stand Drill Stand

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Dremel Workstation 220 - Drill Stand

Introducing the high-quality and ultra-stable Drill Press and Tool Holder from Dremel. This unique tool is a perfect solution for stationery working with your Dremel power tools. The Workstation 220 Stand allows for drilling vertically or in an angle, adjustable in increments of 15 degrees. Also, the tool can be easily set up horizontally for polishing or sanding. The stand is compatible with all Dremel rotary multi-tools: 4000, 3000, 400, 398, 395, 300, 285, 275, 200, 100, 8200, 800, 780, 770, and 7700. The Dremel workstation features a platform in which several Dremel accessories and a wrench can be stowed. This gives quick access to those accessories that you use most regularly with this attachment. When using a corded Dremel tool, the cord can be clipped to the side of the workstation, preventing it from interfering with your work. The workstation can also be used in a similar way to the Dremel Tool Holder attachment by using the hook at the top of the pole. The Dremel tool can then be hung and used with the Flex Shaft attachment for doing more detailed work.

Why would you buy this Drill Press?

The Dremel Workstation 220 is easy to set up and operate, the workstation features straightforward, durable construction. The inch and metric markings on the base allow for precise measurements and ensure that your adjustments are consistent. Compatible rotary tools attach and detach smoothly so you can polish, grind, or drill holes in stone, metal, or glass for rivets, eyelets, or cold connections of any sort.

Features and Benefits:

• Drill vertically or in an angle
• Holds tool horizontally for polishing and sanding
• Integrated, telescoping tool stand holds the tool with Flex Shaft (225)
• On-board accessory storage
• Cord management keeps cord safely stowed
• Depth markings for consistent depth adjustment
• Base markings (metric and inches)
• Base table size 155 x 155mm
• Throat depth 70mm

Typical Applications:

A drill stand is a stabilization device designed to hold an electric rotary device in position while in operation. Drill stands guarantee more precise and accurate drilling and sharpening then handheld devices. Drill Stands / WOkrstations are typically used in workshops by:
• DIY enthusiasts
• Mechanics
• Engineers
• Carpenters


What's a recommended drill for this?
The Dremel Workstation 220 is compatible with nearly all Dremel rotary mutli tools.

How to instal my drill?
To start working with the Dremel workstation, the nose cap on the Dremel tool must first be removed. The tool then slots into the holder and is tightened by a screw-type mechanism.

Is there a depth stop so you can drill to a measured precise depth?
Yes, workstation 220 features an integrated depth stop for precise drilling.


A range of mains powered Dremel mini power tool kits and accessories.


  • Always use approved eye protection when using power tools.
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