RS PRO 3 Core 0.75 mm² Mains Power Cable, Black Silicone Rubber Sheath 25m, 6.5 A 450 V, High Temperature

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  • 製造商 RS PRO
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RS Pro High Temperature Silcone Insulated Mains Cable

From RS Pro a high quality 3 core flexible mains power cable with a silicone rubber sheath designed for use in high-temperature applications.

What is Mains Cable?

Mains power cable connects an appliance to a mains electricity supply through the use of a wall socket or an extension lead which will then be plugged into a mains supply

Cable Construction

This flexible cable consists of 3 cores made up of annealed tinned copper conductors or wires. Each individual core is surrounded by colour coded silicone rubber insulation for easy identification of the wire, earth, neutral and live. All 3 cores are then surrounded by a final layer of silicone rubber insulation called the sheath. This cable is made in conformance to standards class 5 as per IEC60228

Benefits of Silicone Insulated Mains Cable

Silicone insulation has an outstanding thermal range which allows this mains cable to be used in applications that require a resistance to high temperatures. Silicone rubber is also very soft so flexibility can be maintained at low temperatures and where temperatures fluctuate rapidly without the cable becoming brittle and cracking. The key features and benefits of this silicone insulated power cable can be summarised below;

Wide operating temperature range of -40 to +180°C Excellent flexibility. Silicone insulated cable can withstand higher flexing cycles than other plastic insulation types Silicone insulation prevents cables from becoming brittle and weak in fluctuating temperatures Good oil and solvent resistance Resistant to various harsh chemical substances High performance in adverse environments such as humidity and harsh UV rays. Can last for years without disintegrating Robust and able to withstand daily wear and tear Excellent electrical insulating properties

Where are These Cables Used?

Silicone insulated mains cables, with their unique properties, are ideal for use in a wide range of industrial wiring applications especially those that require high-temperature resistance or operate in harsh and demanding environments. These applications and industries include the following;

Industrial heating appliances Metallurgy industry including steel works, casting works, hot rolling mills, coking plants and foundries Glass and ceramic production lines Cement factories Ship and aircraft building Electric motors


The number of strands used in the construction of the cores is nominal and may vary.

Attribute Value
Number of Cores 3
Cross Sectional Area 0.75 mm²
Sheath Colour Black
Current Rating 6.5 A
Length 25m
Voltage Rating 450 V
Outer Diameter 7mm
Sheath Material Silicone Rubber
Type High Temperature
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +180°C
Conductor Strand Type Stranded
Core Strands 24/0.2 mm
American Wire Gauge 18 AWG
Standards Met IEC EN 60228 Class 5, RoHS Compliant
Insulation Material Silicone Rubber
Number of Strands 24
Conductor Material Copper
Size of Strands 0.2 mm
Conductor Resistance 26.7 Ω/km
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