RS PRO 3 Core 4 mm² Mains Power Cable, Black CPE Sheath 50m, 35 A 450 V, 750 V, H07RN-F

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  • 製造商 RS PRO
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RS Pro H07RN-F Rubber Insulated Mains Cable

From RS Pro a high-quality heavy duty and hard wearing H07RN-F flexible mains power cable with rubber insulation and thermoplastic jacket. This cable has a voltage rating of 450 to 750 V and is designed for use in demanding industrial environments

What is Mains Cable?

A mains power cable connects an appliance to a mains electricity supply through the use of a wall socket or an extension lead which will then be plugged into a mains supply

Cable Construction

This flexible mains cable consists of either 2,3 4 or 5 cores made up of bare stranded copper conductors or wires. Each individual core is surrounded by colour coded EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) insulation for easy identification of the wires. All the cores are then surrounded by a final layer of CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene) called a sheath or jacket.

What Does H07RN-F Mean?

H07RN-F cable is a type of harmonized (or HAR) cable which means it belongs to the Harmonised reference system and conforms to the European Harmonisation Standard. This purpose of this standard is to improve standards and quality of cables across Europe to ensure the trade of common standard product.

H07RN-F is the code for this harmonised cable which breaks down into the following:

• H = Harmonized
• 07 = 450 / 750 voltage rating
• R = Elastomeric (rubber) insulation
• N = PCP or equivalent sheath
• F = Flexible copper conductors

Benefits of Rubber Insulated Mains Cable

This flexible mains cable is made from materials with unique qualities that make it suitable for use in demanding environments.

The EPR insulation has the following benefits:
• High resistance to abrasion
• Good weathering stability
• Durable and long lasting

The CPE Jacket has the following benefits
• Good resistance to chemicals and oils
• Good resistance to UV
• Resitant to low temperatures
• Flexible and durable

Where are These Cables Used?

Rubber insulated mains cables, with their unique properties are ideal for use in a wide range of industrial wiring applications. These cables are especially suited to applications that require cabling to be durable, flexible and be able to withstand a medium degree of mechanical stress. Industries include the manufacturing industry, distribution and power networks, telecommunications, building, automation, and many others. Applications include;

• Electrical tools eg drills and circular saws
• Transportable motors
• Generators
• Heating plates
• Boilers
• Lighting
• Household appliances
• Industrial equipment
• Power and control applications
• Distribution and power networks



Attribute Value
Number of Cores 3
Cross Sectional Area 4 mm²
Sheath Colour Black
Current Rating 35 A
Length 50m
Voltage Rating 450 V, 750 V
Outer Diameter 13.5mm
Sheath Material CPE
Minimum Operating Temperature -25°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +60°C
Conductor Strand Type Stranded
Harmonised Code H07RN-F
Conductor Resistance 4.95 Ω/km
Core Strands 56/0.286 mm
American Wire Gauge 11 AWG
Number of Strands 56
Size of Strands 0.286 mm
Conductor Material Copper
Insulation Material EPR
Fire Behaviour Flame Retardant
Standards Met Euroclass Eca
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