BV0012B -1FY Oscilloscope Software

COO (Country of Origin): US

Keysight BV0012B Electronic Load Control & Automation Application Software

The Electronic Load App enables control of electronic load to set parameters, visualize power output and data log changing voltage, current, and power over time. Combine channels into a single configuration allowing for simpler control of parallel channels. BenchVue Test Flow enabled. Test Flow enables simple sequencing of instrument settings and measurements. Combine multiple instruments together to create your own automated test.

Control and automate electronic load readings easily:

Access the most commonly used electronic load controls and measurements using an intuitive interface. Track and record your voltage, current, and resistance to understand the impact of events to power draw.
Easily configure modules in parallel for single point configuration of multiple modules
Automate electronic load controls and measurements with the integrated Test Flow app.

Export results in three clicks:

Export data quickly to popular tools such as MATLAB and Microsoft Excel or Word for further analysis.

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