Aim-TTi Electronic DC Load LDH400 51153-2240 0 → 16 A 10 → 500 V 0 → 400 W, 50 Ω → 10 k/Ω

  • RS庫存編號 161-5840
  • 製造零件編號 51153-2240
  • 製造商 Aim-TTi
COO (Country of Origin): GB

The LD series features electronic loads which are suitable for testing and characterising a wide variety of dc power sources. They can be used to investigate the behavior of many different types of power source such as PFCs, batteries and solar cells, as well as electronic power supply units. The wide voltage/current range, multiple operating modes and built-in transient generator give them versatility to offer test solutions from the design laboratory through to the component test area.

Variable drop-out voltage for battery testing
400 watts continuous dissipation at 28°C
Constant current, resistance, conductance, voltage (LD400 models only) and power modes
High resolution and accuracy for level setting
Current monitor output for waveform viewing
Front and rear input terminals
Built-in transient generator with variable slew
High resolution backlit graphic LCD with soft key control
Analog remote control of levels and TTL control of on/off and transient switching

Attribute Value
Series LDH400
Constant Wattage Mode Range 0 → 400 W
Constant Voltage Mode Range 10 → 500 V
Constant Current Mode Range 0 → 16 A
Constant Resistance Mode Range 50 Ω → 10 k/Ω
Rack Units 3 U
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