RS PRO Electronic DC Load 0 → 15 A, 0 → 15.3 A 0 → 510 V, 2.5 → 500 V

  • RS庫存編號 180-4794
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): TW

RS PRO Programmable D.C. Electronic Load

Introducing the RSPEL-3032E programmable single channel DC electronic load from RS PRO, a highly versatile device ideal for testing a range of power supplies. This highly reliable electronic load features high speed and accurate measurement, offering excellent measurement capability for an electronic component, battery, portable charger and power supply that requires low to medium power consumption. This reliable electronic load features a clear and easy to read LCD display, with a user friendly interface for easy operation in a range of applications. The RSPEL-3032E offers seven operating modes, providing you with a range of options depending on the application required. Another excellent feature is the soft start function that not only allows monotonic increasing of output voltage, but also prevents inrush current and surge voltage from happening on DUT.

With the wide range of options and features incorporated and the user friendly interface with LCD panel, the RSPEL-3032E is an excellent electronic load device that can be used in a variety of applications.

Features and benefits

• 2.5-500 V Min. Operating Voltage(dc) : 2.5 V at 15 A, 1.25 V at 7.5 A
• 7 Operating Modes : CC, CV, CR, CP, CC+CV, CR+CV, CP+CV
• Normal Sequence Function: Max Steps: 1000 steps/Step Time:1 ms∼999 h 59 min 59 s(3599940 sec) Fast Sequence Function: Max Steps:1000 steps/Step Time:25 us∼600 ms
• Soft Start
• BATT Test Automation:Max Test Time:999h: 59 min 59 s (3599940 sec):Max Test AH:9999.99Ah
• OCP, OPP Test Automation
• Max. Slew Rate : 2.5 A/ s
• Dynamic Mode
• Protection : OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, RVP, UVP
• Remote Sense
• Integrate Voltage, Current and Power Measurement Functions
• External Voltage or Resistance Control
• Rear Panel BNC, Trigger IN/OUT
• Analog External Control
• USB/GPIB(Optional)


Electronic loads allow easy and quick simulation of various power states. They are useful for testing various power sources like batteries, inverters, converters and much more. Electronic loads are easier to use and provide a much higher output compared to fixed-resistors. They are often used in the following settings:

• Laboratory
• Research and Development facilities
• Aerospace
• Commercial electronics

Operating Modes

This model offers 7 operating modes, consisting of four basic operating modes which are constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance, and constant power. Three other combined operating modes are constant current + constant voltage, constant resistance + constant voltage, constant power + constant voltage. With the range of operating modes included, this model offers more flexibility for testing, based upon products test requirements.

What is included?

• RSPEL-3032E Electronic Load
• Quick Start Guide
• CD ROM (User Manual, Programming Manual) x1
• Power Cord(Region dependent)
• Front Terminal Washers-spring Washer(M6) x2
• GTL-105A Remote Sense Cables (Red x 1, Black x 1).

Attribute Value
Constant Wattage Mode Range 0 → 300 W, 0 → 306 W
Constant Voltage Mode Range 0 → 510 V, 2.5 → 500 V
Constant Current Mode Range 0 → 15 A, 0 → 15.3 A
Constant Resistance Mode Range 0.16666 Ω to 5 kΩ, 1.6666 Ω to 50 kΩ
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