EA Elektro-Automatik Electronic Load EL 9000 EA-EL 9750-75 HP 0 75 A 0 750 V 0 7200 W

COO (Country of Origin): DE

EA-EL 9000 HP Series

The electronic loads in the EL 9000 HP series offer an upgrade of the EL 9000 series by incorporating a high performance cooler and blower. At maximum input power, thermal derating of the load commences at an ambient temperature of 40°C. At such a temperature the performance of the EL 9000 HP series is approximately 118% higher than that of the EL 9000 series.

Temperature controlled power derating
Overtemperature protection (OT)
Pulse operation with adjustable pulse width 50μs-100s
Rise and fall time adjustable (slew rate)
All operation modes adjustable
Constant current (CC)
Constant voltage (CV)
Constant power (CP)
Constant resistance (CR)
Remote sense, trigger input, trigger output
Battery test mode with time and capacity counter
CE marked compliance to EMC, low voltage directives


The "System Bus“ at the rear of the EA EL 9000 series has functions such as remote sense input, the Share bus input to create a two quadrant mode with laboratory power supplies of the EA-PS 9000 and EA-PSI 9000 series, and the switching of the control speed.


Attribute Value
Series EL 9000
Constant Wattage Mode Range 0 7200 W
Constant Voltage Mode Range 0 750 V
Constant Current Mode Range 0 75 A
Constant Resistance Mode Range 0 15 Ω
Rack Units 9 U