Hinge for use with PLA Enclosure

COO (Country of Origin): ES

Schneider Spare Parts for Thalassa PLA Enclosures

A range of spare parts for the Schneider Thalassa PLA enclosures.

Selection Table
Stock No. Description Thalassa PLA Reference
797-1123 Hinge plus axe PLA (120° opening) y NSYAEDPLA004
797-1126 Axes of door PLAZT (180° opening) y NSYAEDPLA005
797-1110 Rod guide inside the door PLA (set of 2) y NSYAEDPLA001
797-1114 Rod guide on 2 doors PLA (set of 2) y NSYAEDPLA003
797-1280 Door 500x500mm PLA y NSYDPLA55
797-1287 Door 500x750mm PLA y NSYDPLA57
797-1299 Door 750x500mm PLA y NSYDPLA75
797-1303 Door 750x750mm PLA y NSYDPLA77
797-1246 Door 1000x500mm PLA y NSYDPLA105
797-1243 Door 1000x750mm PLA y NSYDPLA107
797-1255 Door 1250x500mm PLA y NSYDPLA125
797-1268 Door 1250x750mm PLA y NSYDPLA127
797-1265 Door 1500x500mm PLA y NSYDPLA155
797-1277 Door 1500x750mm PLA y NSYDPLA157
797-1283 Door 500x500mm with handle PLA y NSYDPLA55H
797-1296 Door 500x750mm with handle PLA y NSYDPLA57H
797-1293 Door 750x500mm with handle PLA y NSYDPLA75H
797-1306 Door 750x750mm with handle PLA y NSYDPLA77H
797-1249 Door 1000x500mm with handle PLA y NSYDPLA105H
797-1252 Door 1000x750mm with handle PLA y NSYDPLA107H
797-1259 Door 1250x500mm with handle PLA y NSYDPLA125H
797-1261 Door 1250x750mm with handle PLA y NSYDPLA127H
797-1274 Door 1500x500mm with handle PLA y NSYDPLA155H
797-1271 Door 1500x750mm with handle PLA y NSYDPLA157H
797-1139 Fixing hardware for 1 door PLA y NSYASPLA001
797-1132 Fixing hardware for 2 door PLA, 500-750 y NSYASPLA002
797-1136 Fixing hardware for 2 door PLA, 1000-1250-1500 y NSYASPLA003
125-1020 Canopy for PLA 1000x320mm y NSYTJPLA103G
125-1021 Canopy for PLA 500x320mm y NSYTJPLA53G
125-1022 Canopy for PLA 750x320mm y NSYTJPLA73G
125-1042 ZA Plinth for PLA(T) 103G, 200mm y NSYZA2103G
125-1043 ZA Plinth for PLA(T) 53G, 200mm y NSYZA253G
125-1044 ZA Plinth for PLA(T) 73G, 200mm y NSYZA273G
125-1045 Internal door for PLA 500x500mm y NSYPAPLA55G
125-1046 Internal door for PLA 750x750mm y NSYPAPLA77G
125-1047 Internal door for PLA 1000x750mm y NSYPAPLA107G
125-1048 Internal door for PLA 1000x500mm y NSYPAPLA105G

Schneider Electric Accessories

Attribute Value
Type Hinge
For Use With PLA Enclosure
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