Enclosure Cooling Unit, 470 (L35-L50) W, 640 (L35-L35) W, 330 (Internel) m³/h, 570 (Externel) m³/h, 230 V

COO (Country of Origin): IT

Schneider Electric Cooling Unit - NSYCU600

Forming part of Schneider Electrics enclosure solution is this standing thermal management system accessory - a cooling unit. Created and designed to preserve and control the temperature inside your enclosure through cooling. It is vital for maximising the lifetime of your installed devices. The NSYCU600 is comprised of a grey painted, zinc-coated steel - an ideal material for a multitude of indoor environments and applications.

Features & Benefits

• The NSYCU600 is a side mounting model
• Showing respect for the environment, the gas that the unit uses is environmentally friendly (R134a (HFC))
• Features an electronic thermostat
• There is an alarm signal for door contact included
• Eyebolts are included
• The external filter is not included as standard but is recommended to use when using the cooling unit in harsh environments
• Digital screen
• Evaporation condensation water unit integrated from 800 W to 15 kW
• Often the unit can be called by its short name - CU
• Mounting can be achieved with screws
• 1 phase network
• Has an input voltage of 230 V 50/60 Hz
• The cooling power is 640 W 50/60 Hz L35-L35 and 470 W 50/60 Hz L35-L50
• Dimensions of the system - H606mm x W316mm x D212mm
• The control type is an electronic controller
• Ambient air temperature for operation - 20…46 °C inside the enclosure:, 55 °C maximum:, 20…55 °C at 50 Hz outside the enclosure: and 20…50 °C at 60 Hz outside the enclosure:

Attribute Value
Maximum Cooling Power 470 (L35-L50) W, 640 (L35-L35) W
Air Flow 330 (Internel) m³/h, 570 (Externel) m³/h
Noise Level 65dB
Input Power Rating 400 (L35-L35) W, 470 (L35-L50) W
Supply Voltage 230 V
Dimensions 316 x 212 x 606mm
Depth 212mm
Height 606mm
Width 316mm
Frequency 50/60Hz
Series ClimaSys CU
Nominal Current 2.1A
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