RS PRO 4 Socket Trailing Socket, 230 V ac

  • RS庫存編號 374-216
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): GB

BS1363 Trailing Sockets

Trailing sockets styled in grey to suit modern office environments.

All features:

2m lead and 13A fused moulded plug
Integral fuse carrier supplied with a 7A BS1362 fuse, for compliance with BS6396 'Office Equipement Standard'

Surge Protection also features:

Surge protection meeting Category B of BS6651:1999 Annex C
Power ON/ protection operational neon
Lightning Transient protection in all 3 modes (L-N, L-E, N-E) (Max. let through voltage 900V @3kA 8/20μs)
Thermal fuse operating at 100ºC

Surge & Noise Protected also features:

Capacitor based EMI noise protection

Surge & Filtered also features:

High quality toroidal / capacitor filter for EMI protection

Working voltage 250Vac 50Hz max.
Max. current 13A (7A fuse supplied)
Max. peak current 6500A (8/20μs)
Total energy rating 420J (10/1000μs)
Response time <10ns
Attenuation 50dB typ. (1-30MHz)
Earth leakage typ. 2 ´ 0.5mA
RCD sensitivity 30mA; <40ms
Compliance BS7071


Please observe earth leakage specifications when carrying out PAT testing. RCD type must not be PAT tested without first removing the RCD.

RS PRO 4 Gang RCD Extension Socket

From RS Pro, this rewireable four gang extension socket is an ideal power extension solution for heavy-duty applications. With a sleek and modern design, the extension lead is well suited to modern office environments. It is also an RCD device and is surge filtered, for peace of mind in health and safety environments.

For a custom power solution in challenging environments, this four socket extension lead is ideal.

Features and Benefits

• BS1363 standard for British electrical applications
• Four gang extension socket
• Power on neon indicator with switch
• Thermal fuse operating at 100ºC
• High quality toroidal / capacitor filter for EMI protection


With RCD capabilities, this extension socket is well suited to most domestic and commercial purposes. It features a robust construction and is extremely reliable. It can be used for sensitive applications such as;

• Servers
• Office equipment set-ups
• Educational spaces


Q: Does this extension socket come with a cable?
A: Yes, the socket features a 2m cable for adequate mobility around a power point.

Q: How can I mount this socket?
A: This socket is designed to be used as a trailing socket, and cannot be mounted without modification.


RS PRO provides a comprehensive range of power and power extension solutions at affordable prices. Our trailing sockets, power plugs, and power adaptors are tested by RS experts to assure quality and reliability.

Whether you're powering industrial machinery or domestic appliances, RS PRO has a power plug or socket to suit your needs.

Power Distribution

For Desking & Racking Applications

Fully insulated interconnecting power distribution modules. Extension sockets to suit a variety of pruposes, from office planning to stage management.

Attribute Value
Number of Sockets 4
Socket Type Type G - British
Voltage Rating 230 V ac
Surge Protection Yes
Switchable Yes
RCD Protected Yes
Colour Grey
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