Telemecanique Sensors Plastic Fibre Optic Sensor 6 mm, IP64, IP641


Fibre Optic Light Guides for XUD Amplifiers

The diffuse scan types have figure of eight cross section cables which terminate in a round cross section at the sensing face. There are 2 core strands at the detector face.
Thru beam light guides (stock nos. 324-1636 and 281-1622) can be fitted with an optional lens (stock no. 324-1664) for increased sensing distances. (up to 400mm for 324-1636 and up to 1500mm for 281-1622)
The sensing distance of 200mm for stock no. 513-5549 is the maximum sensing distance. The distance is determined by the length the fibre is cut to
Operating temperature -25°C to +60°C


Stock numbers 281-1600, 281-1616, 324-1636, 281-1622, 324-1658 and 324-1642 are stocked as spares only (RS no longer supplies the amplifiers with which they are used).

Attribute Value
Detection Range 6 mm
Fibre Optic Type Plastic
IP Rating IP64, IP641
Housing Material PE
Maximum Operating Temperature +60°C
Minimum Operating Temperature -25°C
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