Fluke Networks FTS900 Fibre Optic Kit

  • RS庫存編號 745-7576
  • 製造零件編號 FQM-100-M-VFL
  • 製造商 Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks Fibre Optic Test Equipment

The Fluke Networks Fiber QuickMap FTS900 series fibre optic test equipment has a measurement range up to 1.5km. This test equipment measures the length and identifies high loss events on multimode (Fiber QuickMap) fibre optic cable. Just like an Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR), its laser sends light pulses through the fibre and measures the power and timing of light reflected from high loss connections and splices and the end of the fibre. VFLs work well for exposed lengths of fibre near a patch panel by illuminating bad connections and breaks. They are not helpful for cable runs more than a few meters or when the cable is not visible or accessible or when the laser light cannot penetrate the jacket. An OTDR provides graphical data and analysis along the entire length of a cable, way beyond the reach of a VFL, but they can be expensive and require more time to and skill to operate. This equipment fills the gap between a VFL and an OTDR. This equipment has the simplicity of a VFL and provides distance and power information on high losses, breaks and the end of the fibre. It is supplied with a screw-on interchangeable SC adapter, UPC to UPC 2m patch cord, carrying case, Quick Reference Guide (manuals in 9 languages available on-line), safety instruction manual, batteries and VisiFault locator with a 2.5mm universal adapter.

Features and Benefits

One-button testing and hence it can be used straight out of the box with no user setup required
Six-second test time, eliminates blind troubleshooting that can last hours
Locate multiple incidents in the channel to provide full visibility of any potentially problematic links and connections
Locate high loss incidents or breaks, the most common causes of multimode fibre failure
Identify live fibre
Locate and measure high reflective incidents, which cause poor network performance with bit error rates
Perfect data centre cabling network tester
2 AA alkaline batteries (no battery charger)
Battery life of typically 1500 tests


Measure and locate high loss splices
Measure and locate high loss connections and breaks
Locate the end of a fibre
Find potential sources of errors caused by reflectance from dirty or poor connections
Detect live optical signals before it begins testing


CE certified
CSA certified
FCC certified

Attribute Value
Cable Type Multimode
Equipment Type Fibre Optic Kit
Connector Type SC
Wavelengths 850nm
Operation Test Distance 1.5km
Battery Type AA
Battery Life 1500 Tests
Power Source Battery
Includes Case, SC/LC Test Reference Cord, SC/SC Test Reference Cord, Visual Fault Locator
Model Number p FTS900
Maximum Operating Temperature +50°C
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
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HK$ 25,517.35
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