S/steel vertical mount float switch,50W

  • RS庫存編號 312-7164
  • 製造商 RS PRO

Stainless Steel, Vertical Float Switch – Vertical Mount

The RS PRO 312-7164 is an internal fitting float switch. This compact switch measures just 64mm high and 28mm in diameter.
The 312-7164 is made from 316 grade stainless steel which means it offers great resistance against corrosion.

How is it mounted?
The 312-7164 float switch is mounted from the inside of the tank, so you will require access to the inside of the tank. It can be mounted on the top or bottom.

Can I reverse the switch action?
Yes, the switch action can be reversed by removing the float, inverting it and refitting it to the stem.

What cable does it come with?
The 312-7164 comes with a 3m long XLPE cable in AWG22 wire size.

SPST output
Internal vessel mounting
Float reversal, rise or fall operate
Top or bottom tank mounting
Silicone sealing washer
Maximum pressure: 10 bar kg/cm2
Contact resistance: 200mΩ
Cable: XLPE, AWG22
Clearance hole diameter: 10mm
Switching capacity: 50VA at 240Vac/200Vdc (max. switching current: 1A)


  • The Cable entry point must NOT under any circumstances be submerged.
    On the Horizontal switches they must be fitted through the wall of a tank so that the cable is on the outside.
    On the Vertical type the mounting thread and cable entry must be above the highest level of the liquid.
Attribute Value
Device Type Float
Mounting Type Vertical
Switch Output Direct Load
Body Material Stainless Steel
Cable Length 300mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -10°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +120°C
Maximum AC Voltage 300V
Maximum DC Voltage 300V
Maximum Current 500 mA
Maximum Pressure 10bar
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