CFS2 Series Cable Float Switch SPDT

COO (Country of Origin): IT

Dwyer Instruments CFS2 Cable Float Switch

The Series CFS2 Cable Float Switch from Dwyer is a mechanically actuated floating switch used for activating the electrical components, mostly pumps, to start and stop automatically.

What are these used for?

The CFS2 is used for level control of liquids for filling or draining reservoirs and tanks.


• High reliability
• Cost saving
• Easy installation
• Used for pump automation
• Counterweights and cable hangers for various applications
• Mercury-Free
CE Approved


• Pressure limits: 14.5 psi (1 bar)
• Enclosure rating: IP68
• Cable material: PVC
• Switch type: SPDT
• Cable length: 20 ft (6.10m)

How does it work?

As fluid level rises the float will also rise, resulting in a tilt of the micro-switch located inside the housing. This tilt will generate a signal that can be used to actuate a motor or signal an indicator alarm. To ensure the proper function of the CFS2, it is necessary to secure the electric cable inside the tank or well. The length of the cable measured between the fixture point and the body of the CFS2 determines the total extension of the float and also the resulting distance between the pump stopping and starting level. It is essential to ensure that there are no obstructions in the CFS2 operational area before proceeding.

How to install CFS2 Series?

• Insert the cable into the counterweight, turning it. This will result in the detachment of the plastic ring inserted in the mouth (if necessary use a screwdriver to aid in the detachment of the ring). Place the ring at the point on the cable where the counterweight is to be attached

• Attach the counterweight on the ring by turning it and using moderate pressure.
Note: Counterweight not included

Maintenance and repair

Check and clean wetted parts with water or damp cloth regularly.

Where can you use CFS2 series?

• Water level monitoring
• Tank level control
• Industrial water control
• Filling or draining reservoirs and tanks

Attribute Value
Device Type Float Switch
Mounting Type Cable
Switch Output SPDT
Body Material Polypropylene
Cable Length 240.2in
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +50°C
Maximum AC Voltage 250V
Maximum Pressure 1bar
Standards Met CE
Series CFS2
Current Rating 10 A
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