, Osram 35 W T5 Fluorescent Tube, 3320 lm, 1500mm, G5

  • RS庫存編號 792-6889
  • 製造零件編號 4050300646039
  • 製造商 Osram
COO (Country of Origin): DE

Osram Luminux T5 HE Fluorescent Tubes

The Osram Lumilux T5 HE high efficiency fluorescent tube is as light as a T8 tube, but up to 20% lower energy use. This range of high efficiency fluorescent tubes feature a G5 base and has a low mercury content, ideal for professional office light, public buildings, shops, industry, supermarkets and department stores.

This range includes the following fluorescent tubes:
792-6861 - 4050300591544 14 W, 1100 lm, 550mm, G5
792-6867 - 4050300591520 14 W, 1200 lm, 550mm, G5
792-6870 - 4050300645957 21 W, 1900 lm, 860mm, G5
792-6873 - 4050300591322 21 W, 1750 lm, 850mm, G5
792-6877 - 4050300645995 28 W, 2600 lm, 1200mm, G5
792-6883 - 4050300591360 35 W, 3320 lm, 1500mm, G5
792-6886 - 4050300591346 28 W, 2400 lm, 1150mm, G5
792-6889 - 4050300646039 35 W, 3320 lm, 1500mm, G5

Fluorescent tubes give off a brighter light than halogen bulbs. They have low running costs and a long lifespan so no need to worry about replacements making them suitable for a number of applications. When choosing a fluorescent tube the number of lumens (Im) is important as the higher the number of lumens the brighter the bulb will be.
Fluorescent tubes contain mercury so you most dispose of these tubes safely as per regulation.

Features and Benefits:

Good economy and efficiency
Up to 20% more economical than LUMILUX T8
Up to 50% smaller volume than comparable T8 lamps
Luminous efficiency up to 104 lm/W
Provide good lumen maintenance (90% for the lifespan of the lamp) and have good colour rendering
Average lifetime up to 24000 hours
Dimmable - making them more versatile as you can install them in dimmable luminaires. This gives you greater control over the light in your environment.

Product Applications:

Fluorescent tubes and lamps have always been popular in the workplace and at home as they are both cost effective and energy efficient. Some areas where fluorescent tubes are used are:
Public buildings
Supermarkets and department stores

Which colour temperature to pick?
Fluorescent tubes are available in a variety of colour temperatures which describes the light appearance provided by a light source. It is measured in degrees of kelvin (k) on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000:
2700 – warm white – ideal where relaxing and ambience lighting is needed
4000K – cool white – lighting ideal for a kitchen
+6000K – daylight – very sharp, lighting ideal for a working environment
This fluorescent tube has a colour temperature 3500K.

Which cap size?
You need to have the correct cap size:
2Gx13 (U-shaped)
G13 (T8 and T12)
G5 (T5)

Fluorescent Triphosphor

Triphosphor tubes have longer life, a lower mercury content, better colour rendering and higher lumen maintenance than their Halophosphate counterparts. The tubes are available in a variety of colour temperatures from 3000K (warm white) to 6000K (daylight).

• Extended life expectancy which can be increased by upto 20,000 hours with the use of high frequency luminaires.
• Shatter resistant versions available which retain the fragments in the event of a breakage.
• Option of triphosphor tubes with internal reflectors, which reduce waste light and increase light output by up to 75%.
• 16mm (T5) tubes provide a compact alternative to T8 tubes, offering peak performance at +35 °C and typically provide 5% more efficiency in most ceiling applications when compared to equivalent T8 tubes.


Nominal tube diameter - T5=16mm, T8=26mm, T9=29mm, T12=38mm

Attribute Value
Wattage 35 W
Length Imperial 5ft
Length Metric 1500mm
Lamp Size T5
Colour Temperature 2700K
Lamp Base G5
Colour Tone Warm White
Colour Reference 827
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單價 /個 (每包:20個)
HK$ 33.559
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