Figaro Gas Sensor Test Chamber

  • RS庫存編號 134-6639
  • 製造零件編號 SR3 (200V)
  • 製造商 Figaro

Bench Top Gas Sensor Test Chamber

A compact bench-top test chamber from Figaro for use in the evaluation and testing of gas sensors. Test gases of various concentrations can be used without an additional gas supply control system and the unit has a built-in fan to ensure uniformity of gas concentration throughout the test chamber. When used with the Figaro SR-D1A test unit the chamber is suitable for use with Figaro 8-series and 26-series gas sensors as well as various pre-calibrated sensor modules.

• Available in both 220V & 110V versions
• Power consumption approx. 10W
• Ideal for quick testing of gas sensors
• Easy control of test gas concentration
• Simple construction and easy operation
• Internal volume 5.4 litres

Test Chambers

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