Honeywell XC100-EN Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector

  • RS庫存編號 813-3221
  • 製造零件編號 XC100-EN
  • 製造商 Honeywell
COO (Country of Origin): IT

Honeywell XC Series Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Honeywell XC Series carbon monoxide detectors/alarms include models XC70-EN ( 813-3212 ), XC100-EN ( 813-3221 ) and XC100D-EN ( 813-3224 ). Each model is battery-powered, with the long-life lithium 3V battery sealed inside the detector to avoid tampering and eliminate the need for maintenance. Approval is to BS EN 50291-1:2010 (domestic applications) and also to BS EN 50291-2:2010 (recreational applications), which covers the use of these detectors in recreational vehicles such as boats and caravans. Each model has an optional low-level alarm function ('Ventilate') which gives an early warning of CO build-up before the full alarm (90dB) level is reached. The XC100 & XC100D have a new and unique 'Action Text' feature which displays text on the front of the unit in the event of an alarm, giving users clear indication of what to do. The XC100D has a multi-function display which can give not only CO concentration readings but can also provide data logging capabilities (alarm memory), an ultra-sensitivity mode that can detect very low levels of CO and information on other units that may be wirelessly connected.

Attractive, compact design (dimensions 100 x 72 x 36mm)
Can be used as free-standing or wall-mounted unit
Rubber-sealed housing protects detector from adverse environmental conditions
43 ppm (parts per million) sensitivity activation level
Alarm indicator Red LED (XC70-EN), Big Alarm Action Message (XC100-EN & XC100D-EN)
Alarm memory alerts user if CO detected in user's absence
Detector performs automatic self-test for the electronics every 60 minutes

Supplied with

mounting kit, instruction manual

Gas Detection: Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon Monoxide is a deadly toxic gas that has no smell and cannot be seen or tasted. Its presence is lethal causing death and injury, it can be caused by poorly installed or maintained heating appliances, chimneys, flues and gas fired cooking appliances.,Even low levels of CO can impair judgement and greatly increase risk of accidents and injury in motorists and machine operators. See "key characteristics" table for details of carbon monoxide level and their effects.

Attribute Value
Gases Detected Carbon Monoxide
Application Commercial, Industrial
Meter Type Ceiling, Free Standing, Wall
Audible Alarm Yes
Visual Alarm Yes
Power Source Battery
Battery Type Non rechargeable Lithium
Dimensions 100 x 72 x 36mm
Weight 135g
Maximum Operating Temperature +45°C
Width 72mm
Length 100mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -10°C
Height 36mm
Model Number p XC100