Panasonic Spur Gearbox, 15:1 Gear Ratio, 6.76 Nm Maximum Torque, 91.66rpm Maximum Speed

  • RS庫存編號 423-933
  • 製造零件編號 MY9G15B
  • 製造商 Panasonic

60W 90x90mm Panasonic 3 Series Flange Mount Gearboxes

These gearheads are designed to fit Panasonic 3 Series 60W (and 90W) AC single and three phase motors. The flange offers improved mounting that is often required for the higher powered motors.

Suitable for use with the following Panasonic 3 Series 60W motors: 424-162 and 424-156 (single phase), 424-015 and 424-005 (three phase)


Panasonic 3 Series 60W and 90W Gearboxes can only be used with Panasonic 3 Series 60W and 90W Motors.

Panasonic 3 Series Motors and Gearboxes

Panasonic 3 Series Motors, with identical mounting dimensions as the G Series, replace and offer the following benefits over G Series Motors:

Grease-lubricated gearboxes
10000hr life
Quiet operation
Class B motor insulation

A number of additional design changes include:

A number of gearboxes with shorter gearheads
Different motor shafts (non-interchangeable with G Series gearboxes)


Panasonic 3 Series Motors can only be used with Panasonic 3 Series Gearboxes.


UL, CE and CCC

Attribute Value
Gear Ratio 15:1
Gearbox Type Spur
Maximum Output Torque 6.76 Nm
Shaft Diameter 15mm
Overall Length 90mm
Overall Width 90mm
Overall Depth 43mm
Maximum Speed 91.66rpm
Power Rating 60 W
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