Analog Devices LTC1867CGN#PBF, 16-bit Serial ADC 8-Channel Differential, Single Ended Input, 16-Pin SSOP

  • RS庫存編號 917-3605
  • 製造零件編號 LTC1867CGN#PBF
  • 製造商 Analog Devices

Analogue to Digital Converters 16 Bit, Linear Technology

Linear Technology 16-bit analog to digital converters (ADCs) product range include no latency delta sigma converters, high-speed pipeline and successive approximation register (SAR).The Sigma Delta ADC offers the Easy Drive current cancellation technique allowing external RC networks and sensors to be directly interfaced without external amplifiers. They are ultralow noise with either an I2C or SPI serial interface. The QuikEval data acquisition and analysis software tool lets you evaluate the Delta-Sigma ADC DC performance.
The Linear Technology SAR ADC has sample rates up to 5Msps, the single/multiple and simultaneous sampling ADCs facilitating I2C, serial SPI and parallel interface. The SAR Analogue to Digital converter offer a low offset and gain error. Power saving devices that offer the longer acquisition times enabling pairing with slower speed ADC drivers.

· SAR analog to digital converter
· Delta Sigma Analog to Digital Converter
· High-speed pipeline analog to digital converter
· Noise performance (SINAD, SNR and SFDR)
· Low power consumption
· Compact package
· SAR DC performance INL (Integral Non-Linearity) and DNL (differential Non-Linearity)
· ADCs: supported demo system and evaluation software

Analogue to Digital Converters - Linear Technology

Linear Technology offers high performance Analogue to Digital Converter products (ADCs), including 16-bit to 24-bit Delta-Sigma (Δ-Σ) converters for precision measurements, up to 16-bit high-speed pipeline ADCs for communications, and 8-bit to 20-bit low power Successive Approximation Register (SAR) analogue to digital converters.

Attribute Value
Resolution 16-bit
Number of ADCs 8
Digital Interface Type Serial (SPI/Microwire)
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Number of Input Channels 8
Sampling Rate 200ksps
Architecture SAR
Typical Single Supply Voltage 5 V
Package Type SSOP
Pin Count 16
Input Signal Type Differential, Single Ended
Input Type Voltage
Integral Nonlinearity Error ±4LSB
Maximum Operating Temperature +70 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature 0 °C
Length 4.98mm
Height 1.5mm
Width 3.99mm
Dimensions 4.98 x 3.99 x 1.5mm
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