SKF Test Kit Grease TKGT 1 Case

  • RS庫存編號 732-4757
  • 製造零件編號 TKGT 1
  • 製造商 SKF
COO (Country of Origin): NL

TKGT 1 Grease Test Kit

The TKGT 1 grease test kit from SKF is a portable kit ideal for field maintenance use. As around 80% of bearings are lubricated with grease, SKF has designed an analysis kit to assess the grease condition of bearings.
The analysis kit allows for the testing of consistency, oil bleeding properties and contamination. There is then a better understanding of the grease condition and enables immediate decisions to be made in the field.

Features and Benefits

• Grease relubrication intervals can be adjusted according to real conditions
• Quality can be evaluated to detect deviations from batch to batch
• Assesses grease performance and verifies suitability
• Helps in the prevention of damage
• Portable kit designed for field work
• Just 0.5 g of grease is required to perform all the tests

Product Application Information

Useful for making quick decisions in the field within the bearing maintenance industry.

Bearing Mounting, Dismounting and Inspection Tools

Bearing tools help maintain maximum bearing service life and help to optimise machine performance. In addition, bearing tools contribute to the overall safety and performance of a system. A range of bearing tools are available from SKF that include bearing pullers, bearing mounting and dismounting tools, bearing heaters, manual and automatic bearing lubricators, inspection equipment including bearing electrical discharge detectors, stroboscopes, alignment tools, protection blankets, infrared thermometers, and shim kits. Certain bearing tools are available in kit form.

Attribute Value
Package Type Case
Trade Name TKGT 1
Product Form Grease
Food Processing Safe No
Colour Black
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HK$ 4,180.00
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