RS PRO Hot Surface Hazard Label (English), Black/White/Yellow Self-Adhesive Vinyl

  • RS庫存編號 776-0982
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): IN

RS Caution Labels

Self adhesive vinyl labels

Caution Hot
Symbol: To warn of hot surface (reference no. W017)

The RS Pro 776-0982 is a pack of 5 “Caution Hot” labels. These self-adhesive vinyl stickers measure 200 x 100 mm and are printed in yellow/black on a white background. Protect your staff and others with these clear warning signs.

Where should it go?

When displaying important messages, it’s important to ensure they are visible. This particular label should be stuck in a prominent place to ensure effectiveness. For example, you would place it next to a surface which is hot and may cause harm if touched. “Caution Hot” signs are essential in commercial kitchens and canteen areas.

Standards Met: ISO 7010

Why choose vinyl?

Vinyl is more durable than traditional paper labels. Vinyl is stronger and will not crack or fade over time like paper. Also, if you decide to remove a vinyl sticker, it will come away in one piece. Vinyl also has a much better appearance with more vibrant colours and a coating to protect against water, sun and oil.

Similar Signs:

813-4445 - Symbol only on vinyl
813-4552 - Symbol only on plastic

More about ISO 7010

ISO 7010 is an international standard which ensures consistency across different hazard and safety signs. The combination of colours and symbols is designed to be easily understandable, without reliance upon too much wording.

Attribute Value
Text Message Caution Hot
Text Language English
Sign Description Hot Surface Hazard
Material Vinyl
Colour Black/White/Yellow
Height 100 mm
Width 200mm
Sign Type Label
Self-Adhesive Yes
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單價 毎包:5 個
HK$ 176.86
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