RS PRO Binocular Headband Magnifier - 2.7 x

  • RS庫存編號 606-989
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): JP

RS PRO Binocular Magnifier Headband with x2.7 Magnifications Lens

RS PRO Binocular Magnifier headband enhances the size and resolution of an object or image and is an excellent choice for intricate applications. The RS PRO magnifier includes glass lenses compatible with prescription or safety eyeglasses and offers excellent optics and an adjustable head band. Designed for commonly used applications such as electronic inspection, watch and jewellery making repair and laboratory inspection. The lenses can be moved up and down as required without having to remove the complete headband magnifier.

Features and Benefits.

• Magnification power of x 2.7.
• Enhances objects size and resolution.
• Excellent optics.
• Comfort during continuous usage
• Adjustable headband between 480 mm and 570 mm circumference.
• Easy tilt action lenses.
• Spectacles /glasses can be worn underneath.
• Easy retro-fit lens options
• Lens set into a black ABS.
• Various lens options available (available separately).
• Comfortable to wear.
• Easy to adjust.
• Easy to fit alternative lens options.

Lens Options Available.

Alternative lenses are available in 1.8x and 3.5x magnification, which are easily retro-fitted to the headband in place of the 2.7x magnification lens fitted which is supplied as standard.

• RS Pro Magnifier Lens - 1.8x, stock number 662917. • RS Pro Magnifier Lens - 3.5x, stock number 662923.


• Electronic and laboratory inspection.
• Watch and jewellery making and repair.
• General purpose applications where magnification is important.

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Magnification Power 2.7
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