Crouzet PLC connection cable For Use With HMI MTP6/50, MTP8/50,

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  • 製造商 Crouzet

MTP - Touch Panel Accessories

Accessories for the programmable touch panel series MTP for the Millenium 3 micro-PLC.

Accessories for the touch panel series MTP:
Programming kit
Modbus cable

Crouzet Millenium 3

The Millenium 3 is the latest generation in the Millenium series. Improvements over the Millenium 2 Plus include:

The Compact Controller has around twice the memory size
The Expandable Controller has around four times the memory size
10 bit analogue input resolution (0 – 10V signal) on dc input types (formerly 8 bit)
18 character (formerly 12), 4 line display with scrolling text and bargraph functionality
Choice of ladder or function block programming

Attribute Value
Accessory Type Modbus Cable
For Use With HMI MTP6/50, MTP8/50
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