RS PRO 12mm Hose Reel 20, Wall Mounting

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  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): IT

Stainless Steel Wash-Down Hose Reel

Wall mounted hose reels are an efficient way to store a hose, whether they’re garden water hoses or air and water hoses for industrial or automotive applications. Hose reels keep hose tubing protected from external damage when not in use, preventing them from getting pierced, twisted, or torn, and prevents risk of personal injury from tripping.

This stainless steel spring-driven hose reel comes with a 20m braided hose that is suitable for hot water use and can withstand a maximum working pressure of 400bar. The hose reel features a conventional spring return mechanism to make storage easier and faster after use and the 304 stainless steel will provide long product life due to its resistance to moisture and wear & tear.

The hose terminates in a 1/2inch BSPT male connector and has an inner diameter of 12mm.

Features and Benefits

  • 400bar maximum pressure

  • Up to 150°C water working temperature

  • Manufactured from 304 stainless steel

  • 1/2inch BSPT male connector

  • Automatic retraction operation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hose Reel?

A hose reel is the tool we use to store a hose. Hose reels come in various formats, materials and sizes plus can be bought with or without a hose. Hose reels are designed around a cylinder-shaped barrel which allows easy and tidy storage for your garden hose. Portable, freestanding and permanently placed hose reels are available including various attachments to be wall mounted. You can also mount a hose reel to lorry’s, trucks and trailers, anywhere you wish.

What should I consider when buying a hose reel?

The size and capacity of the hose reel.

The diameter and length of the hose pipe to be stored.

The water pressure that the hose reel will manage.

Material the hose reel is made from.

Do I want to operate the hose reel manually or with automatic hose feed and retraction?

Where and how do I want to store the hose reel?

How do I protect my hose and hose reel?

What types of hose reel are there?

Manual – can be permanently fixed or mobile/portable

A simple way to store a garden hose normally with a handle or crank allowing you to retract and reel in or out the hose. A mobile hose reel can then be carried or, if it is supplied with wheels, is easily moved to store safely.

Hose Reel Carts – same as mobile/portable hose reels

A Hose reel cart is normally horizontal designed with a flat shape and often include added storage for easy and quick connection to the water source.

Spring Loaded hose reel

Spring loaded hose reels allow you to quickly and easily retract and reel on the hose. The reels are fitted with a spring loaded mechanism operated by pressing the switch to reel the hose back into the hose reel.

Air Hose Reels

Airs hose reels can be installed anywhere but are normally installed in commercial garages, petrol stations and service centres. This type of hose reel us used with compressed air and are available in permanently fixed, mobile and portable types. Air hose reels come with a quick connect system especially for use with compressed air hoses and power tools. Air hose reels are normally self-retracting allowing the hose reel to automatically retract via a spring-loaded system.

Hose reels are available in various types of material, casings and connections plus suitable for all weather conditions.

Attribute Value
Hose Inner Diameter 12mm
Hose Included Yes
Maximum Working Pressure 400 bar
Inlet Connection Size 1/2in
Mounting Wall Mounting
Retraction Operation Automatic
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