Wurth Elektronik Small Power Chokes Inductor Kit, 7 pieces


Wurth WE-TPC SMD Magnetically Shielded Power Choke Kit

Range of three Wurth Elektronik WE-TPC Design kits consisting of industry’s most commonly used inductor families. The three kits WE-TPC Design kits comprising of full range of inductance values are:-

7622105 WE-TPC Design Kit 744028 small sizes - 2.8x2.8x1.1mm up to 4.8x4.8x1.8mm
7622109 WE-TPC Design Kit 744043 medium sizes - 4.8x4.8x2.8mm up to 5.8x5.8x2.8mm
7622118 WE-TPC Design Kit 744062 large sizes - 6.8x6.8x2.3mm up to 10x10x3.8mm
8625001 WE-TPC Design Kit 744070 Tiny Power Inductor

The WE-TPC series is recommended on the reference designs of the leading Power IC manufacturers of this industry and applications include: Portable power like PDA, digital camera, PCMCIA cards and displays; DC/DC converter; Embedded PC; Mobile data gathering, telemetric; LED Drivers

Extremely flat power inductor
High current capability
Magnetically shielded which results in a low leakage field
Recommended solder profile: Reflow
Operating temperature: –40 °C to +125 °C

Surface Mount Inductors and Chokes

Attribute Value
Kit Includes Small Power Chokes
Number of Pieces 7
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HK$ 1,222.62
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