SKF TKTL 20 Infrared Thermometer

  • RS庫存編號 845-8365
  • 製造零件編號 TKTL 20
  • 製造商 SKF
COO (Country of Origin): CN

SKF TKTL 20 Infrared Thermometer

A multipurpose digital laser thermometer, which allows contact and non-contact measurements. Measure surface temperature or use the probe included to produce fast and accurate readings.

Featuring a pistol grip, back lit display and laser sighting, not only is this device ergonomic but it's easy to use. All of this packaged neatly in a hard case protecting your device in the harshest of environments.

Features and Benefits:

• -60°C to 625°C temperature range
• 16:1 distance-to-spot
• Dual laser sighting (defines diameter of measurement area)
• Temperature probe TMDT 2-30
• Can be used with any SKF temperature probe
• High/Low Alarm with audible warning
• Auto shut off


Are infrared thermometers dangerous?

Infrared thermometers are not harmful, they do not emit radiation, only measure it like a digital camera.

How accurate are infrared thermometers?

The majority of IR thermometers have a measurement error specification, which shows their best accuracy. The surface being measured can also affect accuracy. Reflective objects result in lower measurements than the actual temperature, whilst non-reflective surfaces give higher measurement. The emissivity of a surface is how effective it is at emitting energy as thermal radiation, as such some IR thermometers have adjustable emissivity settings.
Distance to spot ratio is also essential in providing accurate temperature measurements, if an infrared thermometer is too close to its target area, heat can build up in the device. This can give false readings or damage the temperature sensors, therefore it is essential to always follow a manufacturers guidelines.

Bearing Mounting, Dismounting and Inspection Tools

Bearing tools help maintain maximum bearing service life and help to optimise machine performance. In addition, bearing tools contribute to the overall safety and performance of a system. A range of bearing tools are available from SKF that include bearing pullers, bearing mounting and dismounting tools, bearing heaters, manual and automatic bearing lubricators, inspection equipment including bearing electrical discharge detectors, stroboscopes, alignment tools, protection blankets, infrared thermometers, and shim kits. Certain bearing tools are available in kit form.

Attribute Value
Absolute Maximum Temperature Measurement +635°C
Temperature Scale Centigrade, Fahrenheit
Distance to Spot Ratio 16:1
Absolute Minimum Temperature Measurement -60°C
Best Accuracy 2 %
Emissivity 0.1 → 1
Model Number p TKTL 20
Resolution 0.1 °C, 1 °C
Data Storage No
Response Time < 1000 ms
Length 70mm
Width 48mm
Height 195mm
Dimensions 195 x 70 x 48mm
Weight 230g