TE Connectivity Insertion Extraction Tool

COO (Country of Origin): US

The TE Connectivity 543382-8 is an insertion/extraction tip for the 91285-1 tool (446-822). This replacement tip is for HD-22 contacts with a wire size of 28-22 AWG. It is colour coded with a green dot which relates to the type and wire size.
The 543382-8 tip can be used for both insertion and extraction of crimp contacts, allowing you to easily insert or extract a terminal from a housing, without causing any damage. With a combination of both functions, you don’t have to worry about changing the tip type for the different operations, saving you valuable time.
The 543382-8 tip, when used with the extraction tool, can insert and extract HD-20 contacts from the AMPLIMITE High Density range of connector contacts. There are other tips available for the HD-22 series.

• Insertion and extraction
• Compatible contacts: HD-22
• Wire size: 28-22 AWG
• High quality

How to replace the tip:
To replace an insertion and extraction tip, you will need to firstly remove the old tip using the hex wrench provided with the tool. Insert the plug into the wide end of the tip and place it into the tool handle. The handle comes with a hex wrench which tightens and secures the tip into the handle. Then you’re ready to go.

Replacement Tips:
(782-1182) 543382-5 : HD-20 28-20AWG
(782-6317) - 1-543382-1 : HD-20 28-24AWG
(782-6329) - 543382-8 : HD-22 28-22AWG

TE Connectivity AMPLIMITE D-Subminiature Connectors

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