Power Integrations TOP255PN Topswitch, Off Line Switcher, 2.72A, 35W 8-Pin, DIPC


TOPSwitch-HX, Power Integrations

TOPSwitch-HX incorporates a 700 V power MOSFET, high voltage switched current source, PWM control, oscillator, thermal shutdown circuit, fault protection and other control circuitry onto a monolithic device.

Frequency Jitter Reduces EMI
EcoSmart® Low Standby/No-load Power Consumption
Latching Output Overvoltage Protection
Line Undervoltage (UV) Lockout

The TOPSwitch-HX is a highly integrated monolithic off-line switcher IC designed for off-line power supplies. TOPSwitch-HX integrated circuits enable design of power supplies up to 195 W, while providing high efficiency under all load conditions. TOPSwitch-HX also provides very good performance at low load and during standby (no load) operation.

Multi-mode operation maximizes efficiency at all loads
No heatsink required up to 35 W (up to 48 W at 230 VAC) using P, G or M packages
Output overvoltage protection (OVP)
Line undervoltage (UV) detection prevents turn-off glitches
Line overvoltage (OV) shutdown extends line surge limit
Accurate programmable current limit
Optimized line feed-forward for line ripple rejection
Fully integrated soft-start for minimum start-up stress
Energy efficient over entire load range
No-load consumption

AC-DC Converters, Power Integrations

Attribute Value
Power Switch Type Off Line Switcher
Switch On Resistance 4.7Ω
Number of Outputs 1
Current 2.72A
Power Rating 35W
Mounting Type Through Hole
Package Type DIPC
Pin Count 8
Power Switch Features Higher Design Flexibility, Low System Cost
Dimensions 9.83 x 6.6 x 3.68mm
Length 9.83mm
Protection Features Over-Temperature
Width 6.6mm
Height 3.68mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +150 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C
Series TOP255
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