Pi Supply Amplifier Add On Board for Raspberry Pi, JustBoom Amp

  • RS庫存編號 122-8189
  • 製造零件編號 JustBoom Amp
  • 製造商 Pi Supply
COO (Country of Origin): GB

JustBoom Amp add-on board

The JustBoom Amp is a standalone high-quality audio power amplifier designed to either stack on top of the JustBoom DAC or DAC HAT or alternatively take a line level input. Easy to use with no soldering required with the mounting hardware provided and is a true plug and play device.

JustBoom Amp when connected to a set of powered speakers creates flawless, crystal-clear high-quality audio playback.

JustBoom Amp can either be used as a standalone amplifier or it can be stacked on the JustBoom DAC HAT or DAC boards to make a fully integrated DAC/Amp combo by a board to board connector and mounting hardware. Giving audio an extra kick with an extra output option for a high-quality audio experience.

When stacked on with JustBoom DAC, it can backpower the DAC board. Also when stacked on the JustBoom DAC HAT it can backpower both the DAC HAT and the Raspberry Pi.

●Compact standalone amplifier to pair with your existing DAC
●Paired with the JustBoom DAC / DAC HAT to offer all in one DAC and amplifier for a compact high-quality audio solution
●Streaming (either from cloud or network storage) high-definition audio player
●Multi-room audio player
●Media centre / set-top box living room entertainment system

●Full high-quality audio - 192 kHz / 24 bit
●Stereo amplified 2 x 55 W peak output at 8 Ω (2 x 30 W RMS)
●Plug and play compatibility for ease of use - connect to your passive speakers
●Onboard, hardware jumpers for configuring output voltage and gain settings (jumpers could optionally be changed with switches)
●No soldering required
●Compatible with the JustBoom DAC and DAC HAT or alternatively use as a standalone device
●When stacked on the JustBoom DAC it can backpower the DAC board, and when stacked on the JustBoom DAC HAT it can backpower both the DAC HAT and the Raspberry Pi too (at the 2.5A for full Pi3 compatibility)
●Mounting hardware included

Attribute Value
Interface Function Amplifier
Kit Classification Add On Board
For Use With Raspberry Pi
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