Cypress Semiconductor, CapSense Proximity Shield for Arduino, CY8CKIT-024


CY8CKIT-024 CapSense Proximity Shield, Cypress Semiconductor

The CY8CKIT-024 CapSense Proximity Shield is an Arduino-compatible evaluation platform for CapSense-based proximity sensing solutions. The shield is designed to work with the Cypress PSoC Pioneer kits (CY8CKIT-040 and CY8CKIT-042).
The CY8CKIT-024 CapSense Proximity Shield enables you to evaluate the proximity sensing features including Liquid Tolerance, Wake-On-Approach and Gesture Detection. The kit is using 5 proximity loops.
With the CY8CKIT-024 Shield, Cypress is providing users with three-dimensional gesture recognition capabilities for capacitive proximity sensing detection.

Proximity-sensing distance of approximately up to 100 mm when interfaced with the CY8CKIT-040 or CY8CKIT-042 kits
Horizontal and vertical gesture detection at a distance of 20 mm
Liquid-tolerant proximity sensing

Kit Contents

CY8CKIT-024 CapSense Proximity Shield
Quick Start Guide
Water Dropper

Touch Screen Controllers

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