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  • RS庫存編號 757-0348
  • 製造零件編號 SI1102EK
  • 製造商 Silicon Labs
COO (Country of Origin): US

QuickSense™ Si1102 Mini-Proximity Sensing Demonstration Board

The Mini Proximity Demo provides a simple infrared proximity demonstration with the Si1102 infrared proximity sensor. The Si1102 sensor controls an invisible infrared light emitting diode and senses an approaching object and illuminates a visible LED revealing the device's superior sensitivity and range. The coin-cell battery-operated board enables demonstration under a variety of lighting conditions. For convenience, two thumb-wheel potentiometers provide an ability to set the sensitivity threshold to adjust for varying range requirements.

Kit Contents

Si1102EB demonstration board including CR2032 coin-cell battery

Additional Si1102EK resources:

User’s Guide (includes schematic)
QuickSense Firmware API (AN366)
Baselining in the QuickSense Firmware API (AN418)
Designer's Guide for the Si1102 and Si1120 (AN442)
QuickSense Studio development tools

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