RS PRO 3.5m Battery Jump Lead, 150A

  • RS庫存編號 196-8250
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): IT

Battery Booster Cables

Battery starter cables or jump leads for jump starting automotive batteries when suffering from a discharged battery.

Features and Benefits:

Booster cables are offered in 150A and 220A versions:
• 150 A cables are for use with vehicles up to van size 196-8250
• 220 A cables are suitable for all vehicle sizes 631-9215

All cables supplied in sets - 1 black, 1 red


Automotive battery charger cables are used almost exclusively to recharge a depleted car battery (usually called a dead battery) from another source, usually a fully charged automotive battery. The process of charging one car from another is often called a 'jump start' and as such these cables are typically referred too as jump leads. They are an essential accessory for any motorist and the best way to revive a flat battery.

How do I jump-start a car?

In order to jump-start a car (casualty vehicle) from another car's battery (donor vehicle), you must attach the red lead to the positive terminal (normally covered by a red cap and indicated with a '+' symbol,) of both the depleted and 'donor' battery. The black cable should be attached to the negative terminal of the donor battery (indicated by a '-' symbol.) and a suitable earth point on the casualty vehicle- such as a solid metal part of the engine. Then you simply start the engine of the donor vehicle, wait a while and then start the engine of the casualty vehicle. If the casualty vehicle now starts, leave both vehicles running for a few minutes and the problem should be solved. If the vehicle doesn't start, after this process, the problem may be more complicated than a depleted battery.


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Attribute Value
Cable Length 3.5m
Cable Diameter 16mm
Current Rating 150A
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