Peak Electronic Design LLSm LCR Meter Adapter

COO (Country of Origin): GB

Peak LCR40m Passive Component Analyser

The LCR40m will automatically identify inductors, capacitors and resistors, measuring the main component value and other componant details (e.g coil inductance and dc resistance). The LCR40m is ideal for unmarked and surface mount designs.

Automatic component identification
Automatic test frequency selection
Delayed or instant analysis (for hands free operation)
Non volatile probe and test lead compensation
Automatic ranging and scaling with real units displayed
Auto and manual power-off

Resistance range 1Ω to 2MΩ
  resolution 0.3Ω min, 0.6Ω typ
  accuracy ±1% ± 1.2Ω
Capacitance range 0.5pF → 10000μF
  resolution 0.2pF min, 0.5pF typ
  accuracy ±1.5% ± 1.0pF
Inductance range 1μH → 10H
  resolution 0.4μH min, 0.8μH typ
  accuracy ±1.5% ± 1.6μH
Peak test voltage   ±1.05V
Peak test current   +3.2mA
Auto power on/off.    
Attribute Value
Accessory Type Adapter
For Use With LCR Meter
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