STMicroelectronics STEVAL-ILL070V4 LED Driver, 305 Vrms 700mA


The STEVAL-ILL070V4 is intended to drive one LED string with a maximum output current of 700 mA. The LED current can be finely adjusted using either a 0 - 10 V interface or a PWM signal (for example, provided by a microcontroller) on the SELV portion of the board. The universal input capability makes this board suitable in worldwide designs. On the secondary side, the board includes a connector to plug an auxiliary linear on the switching voltage regulator side to supply small circuits (e.g., IoT wireless expansions like BLE, Spirit or WiFi modules). The schematic for a simple linear regulator to supply 5 V or 3.3 V is also provided. A very high power factor and efficiency are obtained even at light loads.

Dimming: 100% to 10%
Dimming interfaces: 0 - 10 V and PWM input
High power factor, low THD
Efficiency: > 90% @ full load
Open load voltage limiting (52.4 V)
Optional remote turn-off input
Optional 3.3 V – 0.1 A voltage regulator
Fast VOUT discharge

Attribute Value
Output Current 700mA
Input Voltage 305 Vrms
AC or DC Input Voltage Ac
Dimming Operation PWM, 1-10 V
Maximum Output Power 35W
Maximum Output Voltage 48V
Minimum Output Voltage 20V
Current Rating 700mA
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