STMicroelectronics STEVAL-LLL003V1, Non-Isolated Constant Current LED Driver LED Driver Evaluation Board for VIPer0P


The STEVAL–LLL003V1 evaluation board is a constant current LED driver, based on non–isolated buck topology using VIPer0P. The board delivers 130 mA ± 2.5% at an output load of 15 – 21 white LEDs. The buck topology ensures a minimum number of components as well as higher efficiency when operating at high output voltage (60 V and above). The application core is the new VIPer0P offline high voltage converter which smartly integrates an 800 V avalanche rugged power MOSFET with current-mode control. Thanks to the embedded E/A (EAGND) floating GND, the direct current regulation can be applied to the buck converter, improving the LED current accuracy.

Non-isolated buck topologyProtections:open/no-load circuit protectionshort/overload circuit protectionthermal shutdownSoft start for improved system reliability

Attribute Value
LED Technology LED Driver
Kit Classification Evaluation Board
For Use With LED Driver
Featured Device VIPer0P
Kit Name Non-Isolated Constant Current LED Driver
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