Intelligent LED Solutions ILPP-KT-S12RGBIC-2811.CH6., RGB LED Strip 5.5V dc

COO (Country of Origin): CN

12mm Square RGB Pixel Light, DC12V, Chain of 6

The Intelligent LED Pixel (ILP) range of products are based around the industry standard SK6812 LED driver IC. Each of the RGB LEDs has one of these tiny devices built in, enabling you to drive all 6 LED pixels with just 3 wires and having individual control over each and every one of the LEDs. Each LED can be set to any 8-bit RGB combination giving 24-bit colour depth.The LEDs are controlled by internal drivers that are chained together, so you can have any number of LEDs in your design, giving you the option to either cut the LED pixel string at any point, or combine many strings together to form longer chains.

6 RGB pixels, spaced at 80mm on a single chain
Input and output connectors to enable easy linking of chains
12mm diameter pixel
5V power, 60ma per each LED pixel, 360mA for the whole chain based on white
Flat square back and two holes make mounting easy
3 wires, industry standard serial protocol
Task Lighting
Back Lighting
Desk Lighting
Decorative Lighting
Garage Lighting
Accent Lighting
Under Cabinet Lighting
Bar Lighting

Attribute Value
LED Colours Blue, Green, Red
Voltage Rating 5.5V dc
IP Rating IP65
LED Pitch 80mm
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