Omron Conductive Level Controller - DIN Rail Mount, 110 V ac 1 Input

  • RS庫存編號 303-0391
  • 製造零件編號 61FGPN8110AC
  • 製造商 Omron

Plug-in Conductive Level Controller

Compact units for single or two-point level control of purified or sewage water
Single level control; relay de-energises when liquid level drops below the set level electrode
Two point level control; relay de-energises when liquid level drops below low level electrode and energises when level reaches high level electrode
Operating resistance; 4kΩ ON
Max. lead length to probe; 1km
Dimensions: H84mm, W38mm, D49.4mm


For conductive electrode set see stock no. 354-290




Liquid Level Relays are used to monitor the levels of conductive liquids, and are available in Up/Down, Minimum, Maximum, and Fill/Empty variations. Liquid Level Relays are straightforward to install and safe to use.

Application Examples

Liquid Level Relays (Conductive Level Sensors) are used in a wide variety of applications including waste water management and the monitoring and management of corrosive liquid media, and designed specifically to provide for the:

Monitoring and control of liquid levels
Protection of pumps against dry running
Ability to detect liquid leaks in a system
Control of media mixing ratios
Control of liquid levels

Attribute Value
Number of Inputs 1
Mounting Style DIN Rail Mount
Probe Voltage 8V ac
Supply Voltage 110 V ac
Overall Length 84mm
Overall Width 38mm
Overall Depth 49.4mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -10°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +55°C
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