RS PRO Light Meter, 400000lx

  • RS庫存編號 146-9083
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): CN

RS PRO RS-3809 Light Meter

Introducing the RS PRO RS-3809 Light Meter. It’s a great piece of equipment that measures light from visible luminaries equipped with white light LED, fluorescent and many more sources. The ergonomic design and construction of the light meter makes it easy to handle with a tough design, which means it’s suitable for use in harsh environments. It offers an easy to use interface with an extendable cable for the light sensor to increase the ease of use and flexibility across a wide range of applications, making it an essential light measurement instrument for professional or amateur use.

Features and Benefits:

• This light meter offers a large backlit LCD display for real-time measurement and easy to read data
• It offers a sample rate of 2.5 times per second for digital display
• Low Battery and overload indication feature
• Spectral response close to CIE luminous spectral efficiency
• Cosine Angular Corrected
• Suitable for measuring light sources from LED white light and all visible light
• Offers user-selectable Lux / Footcandle scales for different measurement intensities of illumination
• This light meter also offers data hold, maximum/minimum/average hold, auto-ranging and zero adjustment features
• Auto Power Off and Disable function


Light meters measure light levels or light pollution within the environment. It’s a key piece of equipment to ensure that there is the right amount of ambient light within the workplace, at school or even at home. They most often measure light sources like white LED light, fluorescent lighting, metal halide, high-pressure sodium and incandescent lighting. The most common types of environments where light meters are used are:
• Warehouses and factories
• Commercial office buildings
• Hotels and restaurants
• Public buildings
• Schools and other educational buildings
• Libraries
• Museums and art galleries
• Hospitals and other healthcare buildings
• Garages and car parks
• Stadiums and sports & leisure buildings
• Building commissioning, operation and maintenance
• Building security
• Photography and video

Approvals and Certifications:

Approved according to JIS C1609: 1993 and CNS 5519 general A class specifications

What does it come with?

• Light meter
• User manual

How is light measured?

When using this light meter, light levels are measured by either using a lux scale or footcandles scale for measurement


When the meter is not in use, keep the cap of the light sensor in position to avoid the photo diode wearing out and to prolong the accuracy of the meter

Attribute Value
Maximum Light Level 400000lx
Minimum Light Level 40lx
Best Accuracy ±3 %
Sensor Type Silicon Photo Diode
Battery Type 9V
Power Source Battery
Dimensions 162 mm x 63 mm x 28 mm
Weight 250g
Height 28mm
Length 162mm
Width 63mm
Model Number p RS-3809
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單價 個
HK$ 683.70
Per unit
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