IP67 Snap Action Limit Switch Rotary Lever Die Cast Zinc, NO/NC, 600V

  • RS庫存編號 207-1981
  • 製造零件編號 GLBC02A4J
  • 製造商 Honeywell
COO (Country of Origin): GB

Honeywell GLB Series Limit Switches

From Honeywell, the GLB series of limit switches form part of the wider GLS range. The GLB series is a plug in solution with a durable and hardwearing construction. GLB limit switches are designed for worldwide applications and meet the global EN 50041 standard for switch mounting centres.


• Snap action normally closed (NC) contacts and slow action normally open (NO) contacts are both positive opening.
• An analog output is available with models featuring a side rotary actuator.
• Operating temperature range of -40 °C and +85 °C.
• GLB limit switches are resistant to shock, vibration and washdowns.
• Models with single pole double throw (SPDT) and two pole single throw (2NC and 2NO) contact blocks are galvanically isolated. For double pole double throw (DPDT) contact blocks, each pole is galvanically isolated.
• GLB limit switches use bifurcated contacts.


• GLB limit switches have a modular design. The actuators, bodies and contact blocks are easy to adjust. This allows you to customise the unit to suit your application. It is so straightforward to adjust the limit switch, this can even be done out in the field.
• The models are available with different conduit options enabling them to be used for global applications.
• These limit switches are incredibly easy to install and maintain.
• GLB limit switches are constructed from hardwearing, rugged die-cast electrostatic epoxy coated zinc. They can be used in indoor or outdoor applications
• You can have full confidence that these limit switches are a robust option. They are suitable for repeated use, with a mechanical lifespan of up to 15 million operations.

Product Applications:

Suitable applications for GLB limit switches include:
• Aerial lifts and boom lifts
• Assembly lines, conveyors, cranes, elevators and hoists
• Construction equipment and machinery, including vehicles and lift trucks
• Material handling and machining tools
• Textile machinery
• Packaging equipment
• Transportation hubs
• Valves
• Railroad signalling equipment and locomotives
• Apertures and doors

Can I buy spare or replacement parts?

Yes, all of the levers that make up side rotary assemblies can be purchased as replacement parts. All switch heads that meet standard EN 50041 can be removed and replaced.


IEC/EN 60947-5-1
While IEC/EN 609747-1 covers general rules relating to low voltage switchgear and control gear, IEC/EN 60947-5-1 specifically relates to control circuit devices and switching elements. The standard monitors the characteristics of devices, the electrical and mechanical requirements and the functional requirements.

GLB limit switches are constructed from housing that meets EN50047. EN50047 applies to position switches with an automatic return actuator. Models that meet EN50047 feature standardised characteristics and dimensions (30.5 x 31.1 x 68 mm).

IP 66
A rating of IP 66 ensures that the limit switch units are protected against dust and low-pressure jets of water.

Sealed to NEMA 1, 4, 12, 13
NEMA 1 states that enclosures can be used indoor and offers a degree of protection against contact with the equipment enclosed.
NEMA 4 states that enclosures can be used either indoor or outdoor and provide protection against windblown rain and dust, hose directed water and splashing water.
NEMA 12 states that enclosures are intended for use indoors and offer some protection from dust, dirt, falling dirt and dripping non-corrosive liquids.
NEMA 13 states that enclosures are used indoors and offer a level of protection from oil, non-corrosive coolants, spraying water and dust.




GLBC02A4J Limit Switch

GLBC02A4J is a single pole double throw (SPDT) snap action limit switch. It has a side rotary actuator with adjustable aluminimum rod (200 mm maximum). It features one normally closed (NC) and one normally open (NO) contact.This model feature maximum operating torque of 0.33 Nm




UL/ UL listed for Canada

Attribute Value
Actuator Type Rotary Lever
Pole and Throw Configuration SPDT
Normal State Configuration NO/NC
IP Rating IP67
Maximum Current 10 A
Housing Material Die Cast Zinc
Maximum AC Voltage 600V
Maximum DC Voltage 250V
Series GLB
Contact Type Snap Action
Terminal Type 20 mm Conduit
Length 145.8mm
Width 42mm
Depth 62mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -25°C
Mechanical Life Minimum 15000000 cycles
Dimensions 145.8 x 42 x 62 mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +85°C
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HK$ 1,096.52
Per unit
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