RS PRO RS-232 Monitor

  • RS庫存編號 202-537
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): TW

Mini RS-232 Monitor

This small and effortless RS-232 breakout box is a super simple way of monitoring RS-232C/V24 data traffic. The small adapter comes equipped with 9 LEDs that indicate the status of the transmission on the most significant lines. All that is required is to plug it in-line so this requires no connectors or software. All lines are wired pin to pin.

18 LEDs (9 Green, 9 Red)
Pins monitored are 2 (TXD), 3 (RXD), 4(RTS), 5 (CTS)
(DSR), 8 (CD), 20 (DTR), 11 (HS), 19(HS)
All lines are wired pin to pin
The unit has a 25-way ’D’ connector M-F line installation
500 mating cycles
30V operating voltage
30mA, 15 mΩ contact rating
Dimensions: W. 53mm D. 53mm H. 16mm.

You can use this RS-232 breakout box to debug and solve interface problems. With it being so small and compact you can take it anywhere and test almost any cable you need. This would make a great use in an IT kitbag.

Make sure to plug the correct end of the RS-232 port onto the correct end of the DTE cable otherwise the lights will not correspond with the actual signals.

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Line Monitors

Line monitors designed for rapid checking and trouble shooting of computer interfaces especially EIA RS-232C (V24)
Conforms to RS-232 and discriminates against out of tolerance signals
The LEDs on the front panels of the testers are generally on the signal originating side of the unit, allowing the signal to be broken yet remain monitored
Separate RED and GREEN LEDs ensure unambiguous monitoring

Attribute Value
Power Source Battery
Dimensions 53 x 53 x 16mm
Height 16mm
Length 53mm
Width 53mm
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單價 個
HK$ 352.53
Per unit
1 - 2
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