RS PRO Electric Linear Actuator, 24V dc, 800mm stroke

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  • 製造商 RS PRO
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RS Pro Electric Linear Actuator BD61, 24V DC 8

Our RS Pro electric linear actuator range includes a variety of quiet yet powerful devices to accommodate a number of applications that require precise movement in a linear motion. They are ideal for applications where installation space is limited, such as a window opener or an adjustable car driver. Unlike conventional electric motors that move in a circular motion, linear actuators operate in a straight line. As a result, an electric linear motion is capable of pushing and pulling along with the ability to slide, tilt, lift and drop making them a versatile and reliable device. The RS PRO linear actuator range features a variety of load capabilities, stroke lengths and speeds. RS PRO linear actuators also feature a limit switch that prevents the device from burning or stalling the motor once maximum stroke length is achieved, ensuring a longer lasting device with minimal maintenance.

BD61 is a quiet and powerful actuator with a carriage that allows a long stroke range in confined spaces.

Our RS PRO range offers a wide variety of durable and reliable products that are excellent value for money. Each and every RS PRO product has been rigorously tried and tested against demanding industry standards, ensuring high-quality products that are trusted by engineers worldwide.

Features & benefits

• Input voltage 24V DC
• Ambient operation temperature:-20℃~+65℃
• Max. load:6000N (push) / 4000N (pull)
• Max speed: 2.9 mm/s (full load), 4.2 mm/s (no load)
• Stroke length: 800 mm
• Black in colour
• Quiet yet powerful
• Adjustable limit switches
• Minimal operational costs
• Energy efficient

How do electric linear actuators work?

A linear actuator is a device that moves between two points, this is done in a linear (straight line) motion. An electric linear actuator (ELA) works by converting energy produced by an electric motor into torque, which then moves the mechanism. The control system of a linear actuator can be controlled through a variety of operations but in this case, it is electrically.

Where would you use a linear actuator?

Linear actuators can be used for many general industrial or specific applications. They are able to perform with high load capacities, high operating speeds and aesthetically designed systems. Linear actuators are used in machine tools, industrial machinery, office or home automation as well as solar tracking systems.

Why use an electric linear actuator?

If you require a simple device that allows for smooth, accurate and safe movement in a smaller space then an electric linear actuator is ideal. Unlike a hydraulic actuator that requires liquid, high-pressure valves and pumps, an electric linear actuator uses a DC motor, reducing the overall operating costs whilst providing a nontoxic and more energy efficient actuator. With a linear actuator, you can also achieve greater control of the device with minimal operating noise.

Are linear actuators waterproof?

Linear actuators are protected by enclosures with varying IP levels. A lower IP level such as IP54 ensures protection from dust whereas IP66 also ensures protection from liquids, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Attribute Value
Maximum Load 2500 (Pull) N, 3000 (Push) N
Maximum Speed 2.9 (Full Load) mm/s, 4.2 (No Load) mm/s
Maximum Stroke Length 800mm
Actuation Type Electric
Input Voltage 24V dc
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