SI400, 4 channels inc. 10mm probe

COO (Country of Origin): GB

SI400 Orbit ACS 4 Channel Linear Measurement Unit

Solartron Metrology introduces a new Orbit 3 based system giving you low cost and easy connections into PLCs and process control system. The SI400 gives you the opportunity to connect and power three additional sensors giving you a four channel reading. All of the modules will carry the same accuracy, repeatability and durability as a standard Orbit 3 probe. You can combine gauging probes, Orbit LT and Orbit LTH on the same stack of modules.

Stand alone unit
Integral readout
Full colour display
Analogue and digital reading
Modbus outputs RTU or ASCII over RS485 or RS232
Discreet I/O 4 inputs, 3 outputs
High accuracy
Available with a large number of integral transducers
24 Vdc power supply
DIN rail mounting
Mathematical functions
Set tolerance and process limits via keypad
Detachable probe plug on housing for easy installation
Replace probe with no calibration or reprogramming
Track, peak, max-min modes for each channel
Works with all types of gauging probes, displacement, Orbit LT, Orbit LTH

SI400 – A four channel system for easy connections into PLC or automation

Checking a jet engine turbine blade with two Orbit LTH lasers and two ultra feather touch probes over Modbus.
Check four corners of mobile phone glass with ultra feather touch probes via print command over RS232

Input pins can be set Active Hi or Active Lo
Output pins can be Active Hi or Active Lo and set to NPN, PNP or Logic
DIN rail mount
Input pins are programmable – typical functions, Zero, Print, Preset

The SI400 has a standard Modbus interface – RTU oe ASCII. Pins 3 and 4 can be configured as an ASCII serial interface – Pin 3 RS232TX, Pin 4 RS232RX. In this mode you can select from several different ASCII protocols including compatibility with SolartronsSI1500, SI500 and C55.

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