Digital probe, spring 10mm stroke

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Orbit 3 Measurement Systems Digital Linear Measuring Transducers

The Orbit® 3 measurement system which uses Solartron contact measurement transducers, provides all users with an effective wide range of gauging, measuring and positioning within a variety of industries. Orbit offer you a range of spring actuated, pneumatic and feather touch transducers.
This range of transducers offers you a reliable solution for the majority of applications especially as it is essential for any data collection and measurement system. The Orbit transducers will still generate the required data after millions of cycles in operation due to their design. It is simple to interconnect Solartron digital contact and non-contact transducers including other transducers to a computer or PLC. Simple connectivity of up to 150 transducers on one network with a wide range of network controllers including USB and Ethernet.

The standard DP range of push transducers & probes are widely recognised within the gauging industry. The probes offering users high resolution, accuracy, excellent repeatability alongside high data rates all comes as standard. The DP range with an IP65 rating, long life precision bearings assure you that performance will be maintained for millions of cycles. Perfect for use in automatic gauging applications or for accessing information that is impossible to reach with spring push transducers.

Accuracy to 1 μm
Excellent repeatability of 0.05 μm
Measurement ranges of 0.5 to 20 mm
Precision linear bearings – life 100 million cycles
Low tip force 0.18 N
Spring push, pneumatic or vacuum retract
Magnetic screening making digital probes immune from external interference
Fast data rates
Simple connectivity
Multiple sensors one network

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