Solartron Metrology OD5 LVDT Conditioning Module 0°C +60°C, ±10V dc

COO (Country of Origin): GB

OD5 Conditioning Module

External PSU used, allows OD5 case to be smaller and isolates the mains voltage to make it safer
120Va.c. or 240Va.c. operation and suitable for use with all a.c. LVDTs and most others
Wide range span and zero control with both -10 to 10V and -20 to 20mA outputs
Gain and offset adjustment fully independent
Selectable transducer excitation frequency and load resistances
Forward and reverse connection selection, saves swapping wires in the connector
Housed in a robust die cast aluminium box with a 5-pin DIN connector
Half-bridge transducers accommodated with a simple plug wiring change

Power Supply  
Mains Voltage 90 to 264Vac
AC Input Frequency 47 to 63Hz
AC Input Current 0.25A (120Vac), OI. 1A(250Vac)
Transducer Excitation  
Transducer Drive 3V rms nominal at 2.5kHz (Lo) or 5kHz (Hi) nominal.
Rated 30mA max.
Transducer Signal Input  
Sensitivity Range 400 to 2500mV (full range) (LVDT only)
Signal Output  
Output Voltage Range Up to ±10Vdc into 1KΩ min.
Output Residual Noise >1mVrms
Output Current Up to ±20mA into 150Ω load
Temp. Coefficient Gain/Offset >0.1% full range/°C
Warm-up 15 minutes recommended
Linearity >0.1% full range
Temperature Range 0°C to +50°C
IP Rating IP40
Input/Output Protection Short ciruit protected, transient and ESD protection
Mechanical & Connections  
Tranducer 5-pin circular DIN
Power Supply Cable Length 1.8m max.
Mains Connector IEC320 C14
Enclosure/Power Supply 120 x 65 x 40mm and 65 x 49 x 33mm
Certification BS EN61000-6-2/3:2001;
EN60950: CSA22.2: UL1950

Supplied with

Instructions and 5-pin DIN plug.

Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT)

These devices comprise a movable nickel iron core and three coils - one for energisation and two for pick-up. They need to be driven by a sine wave to produce an output amplitude and phase directly proportional to the position of the core with respect to the pick-up coils. A phase sensitive detector is required to demodulate the output signal. The main advantages of LVDTs are;

No wear problems as with potentiometers
Infinite resolution, high accuracy and linearity
No friction introduced into the measured system
Available in ranges from ±1mm to ±50mm


RS LVDT's datasheet Stock No. 232-4049 is available on request.

Attribute Value
Input Current Range 1.1 A, 250 mA
Energising Voltage Range 90 → 264 V ac
Output Voltage Range ±10V dc
Sensitivity 400 → 2500 mV
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +60°C
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