Schneider Electric XPSMCWIN Connection Cable, For Use With XPSMC Safety Switch

COO (Country of Origin): FR

XPS MCWIN, Configuration Software

30 certified safety functions are available with this software and they are easily assignable to the safety outputs. The safety functions have multiple combination possibilities and various starting conditions. The safety functions are certified in accordance with EN 954-1/ISO 13849-1 and IEC 61508. All 8 safety outputs are suitable for use in safety related parts of control systems conforming to category 4 of EN 954-1/ISO 13849-1 and each output can disconnect one of its safety circuits. The main safety functions are as follows:

Emergency stop monitoring, with or without time delay, 1 or 2-channel wiring
Two-hand control (type III-C conforming to EN 574-1)
Guard monitoring with 1 or 2 limit switches, with or without locking
Guard monitoring for injection presses and blowing machines
Coded magnetic switch monitoring
Safety mat monitoring
Light curtain monitoring, solid-state and relay output types
Zero speed detection
Dynamic monitoring of hydraulic valves on linear and eccentric presses
Monitoring safety stop at top dead centre on eccentric press
Safety time delays
“Muting” function for light curtains
Enabling switch monitoring, 2 or 3 contact
Logic OR function
Foot switch monitoring
Chain shaft breakage monitoring
Hydraulic and eccentric press monitoring
Position selector


To connect XPS-MC to a PC for programming and diagnostic purposes:
Laptop PC with 9 pin serial port: use RS 382-2645 and 544-490
Laptop PC with USB port: use RS 464-962 and RS 218-080

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Accessory Type Connection Cable
For Use With XPSMC Safety Switch
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