RS PRO Mains Tester Screwdriver, 70 → 250 V ac/dc

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RS PRO Multi-Purpose Mains Tester Screwdriver

RS PRO Multi-Purpose Mains Tester Screwdriver From the trusted RS PRO brand, this mains tester screwdriver provides a convenient on-the-go way to test circuits and connections to see if they are live. As well as being a functioning flat head screwdriver, the metal blade of the screwdriver can be placed against a screw or terminal to test for the presence of live current, letting you know whether a circuit is safe to work on or potentially dangerous. The tester lights up with three highly visible LEDs at the presence of electrical current, giving a better indication than a neon screwdriver.

With a robust plastic handle, the screwdriver also has a clip to keep the tool safe and handy in your pocket or tool wallet.

Features and Benefits

Suitable for use on 70 to 250 V ac/ V dc (direct contact) Voltage test non-contact 70 V ac to 10000 V ac
Continuity test 0 MΩ to 50 MΩ
Polarity test +/- 1.2 to 36 V dc
Microwave leakage detection >5mW/cm²
Safety barrier 16 MΩ resistor
Powered by 2 x 1.5V battery (approx. 5 hours continuous use)
Non-contact current detection
Manufactured to VDE0680 Part 6 and BS2559 Part 3


Mains testing screwdrivers are a cost-effective and easy way to check circuits for live voltage in a circuit. Though they are not as accurate as other voltage testing means, they are used by professionals and enthusiasts alike. These screwdrivers can also be used for tracing breaks in cables. These main testers are often used by;

• Electricians
• Maintenance workers
• Engineers

Health and Safety

When using a mains testing screwdriver, be sure to check the voltage rating on the screwdriver so as not to damage the screwdriver.


RS PRO aims to be your go-to brand for reliability and value for money. We source high-quality parts at great prices and test everything with our in-house experts to ensure the quality you need.

When it comes to tools, we know that versatility and dependability are what you need. As such, we stock a variety of mainstay and specialist tools to suit any application. Whether you're a professional electrician, plumber, builder or DIY enthusiast, RS PRO is here to support you.


For replacement batteries see 593-401


VDE 0680/6 BS2559/3

Attribute Value
Blade Length 43mm
Blade Tip Size 3mm
Overall Length 135mm
Maximum Voltage 250V ac/dc
Minimum Voltage 70V ac/dc
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