Schneider Electric C60 MCB Mini Circuit Breaker 1P, 8 A, 10 kA rms @ 240 V ac, 10 kA rms @ 60 V dc, Curve C

COO (Country of Origin): FR

Schneider Electric Multi 9 C60N MCBs C Curve

C60N series multi-standard circuit breakers combine circuit protection against short circuit currents and circuit protection against overload currents. Fully compliant with standards /EN 60947-2. Tripping curve type C that trips instantly at a rate of five to ten times its rated current. Multi 9 supplementary protectors and miniature circuit breakers limit let-through current, providing faster separation of the component from the fault, thereby reducing system damage. Reverse feeding of line power is permitted. Trip-free mechanism: Contacts cannot be held in the ON position when the C60 circuit breaker is tripped automatically.

Benefits and Features

Small Compact size
Easy installation on DIN rails
Limits let thru current.
Insulated terminals (IP20)
World-Wide Availability—The Multi 9 products are available and supported throughout the world by Schneider Electric.


IEC 60947-2 Relates to Low Voltage Circuit Breakers for use in industrial and similar
Installations. In the UK traditionally known as moulded case circuit breakers
(MCCB’s ) and also air circuit breakers (ACB’s).

Q: What is tripping Curve C

Curve C: Tripping: 5 to 10 times the rated current
Applications: protection of circuits and general applications

Merlin Gerin – MCBs

Miniature Circuit Breakers; Contact Position indicated by switch levers

Attribute Value
Series C60
Number of Poles 1
Current Rating 8 A
Tripping Characteristics Type C
Rated AC Voltage 120 → 240 V
Rated DC Voltage 60V
Breaking Capacity 10 kA
Length 107mm
Width 18mm
Depth 78.5mm