Cypress Semiconductor CY15FRAMKIT-001, Ferroelectric RAM (FeRAM) Arduino Shield


CY15FRAMKIT-001 Serial F-RAM Development Kit (Arduino-Compatible)

The CY15FRAMKIT-001 is an F-RAM (Ferroelectric RAM) development kit for high-performance, high-reliability and energy efficient serial F-RAM devices.
The CY15FRAMKIT-001 kit has been designed to operate with the Arduino UNO R3 board with stackable connectors.

Compatible with CY8CKIT-042, CY8CKIT-042-BLE and CY8CKIT-040 kits
256 Kbit SPI F-RAM and a 256 Kbit I²C F-RAM
Power supply operation at 3.3 V or 5.0 V

FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM)

FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) is a non-volatile memory that uses ferroelectric film as a capacitor for storing data. Possessing characteristics of both ROM and RAM devices, F-RAM features high-speed access, high endurance in write mode, low power consumption, non-volatility, and excellent tamper resistance. It is therefore ideal memory for use in smart cards which need high security and low power consumption, as well as cellular phones and other devices.

Attribute Value
Memory Technology Ferroelectric RAM (FeRAM)
Kit Classification Arduino Shield
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